all electric mini

The iconic British motoring brand, MINI, is yet again rumoured to be considering the production of an all-electric vehicle – could a new generation MINI E be on the cards?

With more and more manufacturers considering and creating electrically-powered cars, including the MINI parent company BMW, an electric-powered MINI doesn’t seem too farfetched, but when we’ll see something in the flesh and what shape it will take has not yet been announced.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, the man in charge of the MINI brand on the BMW board, has stated that an all-electric MINI is in the planning stages but production isn’t guaranteed, saying that ‘Much depends on progress in battery technology’, going on to add that ‘MINI is the urban brand and long-term, we will see a lot of electric mobility in the urban environment. MINI definitely needs one.’

So could a magnificent battery-powered MINI emerge in the next few years? Maybe based on the all-electric BMW i3?

A pure-electric version of MINI’s iconic hatchback would suit British roads to a tee, aligning with the urban environment, but a larger MINI such as the Clubman or Countryman would offer greater flexibility and more space for added electric equipment, allowing for a potentially greater range.

The world is MINI’s oyster – what can the iconic British marque achieve in the electric automotive arena? We’ll have to wait and see.