Classic MINI to be auctioned for Whizz-Kidz

The adventure started in 2015. Jardine Motors Group launched the Lancaster Heritage Cars project across six divisions of the company, with MINI being one of them.

Prior to its makeover, the 14-year-old MINI Cooper arrived at the dealership several years ago and was used as a display vehicle in the showroom. Including it as part of the Lancaster Heritage Cars project was a great way of giving it a new lease of life and a thorough renovation to revitalise this true classic. Our Lancaster MINI team of technicians and mechanics worked hard to ensure the MINI was completed to a high standard and ready to be sold at auction in aid of our corporate charity partner Whizz-Kidz.

The team had to ensure that all of the parts which make up the vehicle were restored to a safe and working order. This meant that the front and rear brakes were overhauled, all of the wheel bearings replaced, the n/s/f ball joint replaced and four new tyres fitted. The rear suspension was repaired and the headlamp housings changed, including replacement fog lamps in their original retro style!

The final and most eye catching part of the project was the re-spray. The car was fully re-sprayed back to its original classic multi-coloured paintwork and the characteristic crest enhanced on each side.

The project went extremely smoothly. There was a lot of work involved and the success of the finished car is largely due to the huge effort and dedication by the team, including Jason Wallis, Matt Ball, James Davies and Max Gledhill.

The restored MINI will be taking centre stage at BCA Bedford on Monday, 13th June.