Discover The MINI Story at Munich exhibition

A must-see for all MINI lovers, a new exhibition has opened up at the BMW Museum in Munich telling ‘The MINI Story’ and showcasing how this iconic little car is still as popular and fun today as it was when it began 55 years ago.

Making its debut in the swinging sixties, the MINI summed up the feeling of the decade; fun, freedom and innovation. Small was the new big, or at least that was the opinion of Alec Issigonis, creator of the MINI (then called the Morris Mini-Minor). When it first made its debut, even the Queen herself was a fan; however, even without the Royal seal of approval, the MINI was a resounding hit with the cool car-buyers of the UK. All the top celebrities of the time had one, including Mary Quant, Twiggy, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, elevating it to iconic ‘must-have’ status.

On show at ‘The MINI Story’ exhibition will be 30 MINI cars from across the decades, including little known offerings such as the Mini-motorhome. See how the cars have changed from the 1959 34hp version to the modern day 200hp version.

If you’re in Munich before 31st January, head down to the ‘The MINI Story’ at the BMW museum.

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