Owning and driving a zero-emission electric vehicle entitles you to governmental grants and discounts.

The government is so keen for widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles that they offer a grant of up to of £2,500.* That’s a huge difference when considering which car to buy!

The government offers grants that can lower the sale price of your electric vehicle and even cut the cost of installing at-home charging stations. Take advantage of these money-saving initiatives that make going green more affordable as well as practical.


  • Government provides up to £2,500 off the OTR price of an eligible pure electric car, and up to £6,000 off the price of an eligible electric van*
  • Grants are available for the installation of charge points at your workplace
  • Other benefits for electric car and van drivers can help keep fleet operating costs down

  • The full list of eligible electric cars and vans can be found here

    For more information and full T&Cs, please visit the Government website.

    How do I apply for a Plug-in Car Grant?

    There's no need for buyers to do anything to ensure that the Plug-in Car Grant is applied to the car that they buy, because the dealer they're buying from will handle all the paperwork.

    The grant is deducted from the car's list price, and the dealer does the rest. There might be some paperwork in terms of a feedback questionnaire, but that will be all that's needed to get behind the wheel.

    No more congestion charge

    This is an exciting benefit for all London drivers as the costly congestion charge that applies to the centre of the city will no longer apply to anyone who drives a vehicle that emits 75g/km or less of C0₂.

    Some London boroughs even offer reduced parking fees for electric vehicles, making it a win-win for Londoners who decide to drive electric – not only are these vehicles made for the city, but they’ll also save you money that can be spent elsewhere.

    Install a charging station for less

    Once you’ve made the switch to electric, you’re going to want to install an at-home charging station so you’re never far from a power boost for your new car. And now the government has introduced a grant that can offset the cost of installation. The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme gives the registered keeper of the car, the lessee or the primary user up to 75% off (capped at £350, inc. VAT) the total costs of installing the charge point, along with any other associated installation costs.*

    To find out more about the benefits of owning an ultra-low emission vehicle, including the Government's grants for vehicles and charge points, visit www.GoUltraLow.com

    *Figures correct as of March 2021