MINI to get their first-ever hybrid vehicle

MINI is going greener with the announcement of a new hybrid model; the all-new 2017 MINI Countryman. The next-generation model will include a plug-in hybrid capability, making it their first ever electric vehicle.

Although MINI have not disclosed the exact powertrain that will be in the new Countryman plug-in, it is likely to be a familiar 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine, with battery assistance. The hybrid will be capable of reaching 78mph in pure EV mode and promises ‘long-lasting electric driving’ – an impressive start for the marque.

MINI’s Sebastian Mackensen said: ‘In a hybrid model, driving electrically must also be an exhilarating experience. This means that entirely electric driving is not limited to speeds of 30-40km/h, but to speeds well beyond city traffic pace.’

Making driving fun is at the heart of what MINI achieve with all of their models, and you can discover the entire range of exhilarating and enjoyable MINI models at Lancaster MINI Milton Keynes today. It is this same attitude that shapes the Countryman plug-in; from the classic MINI design right through to the driving experience, MINI aim to achieve a ‘go-kart feeling’ with the hybrid, promising a hair-raising acceleration performance as well as electrifying driving.

The overall look of the car will be kept very similar to the classic Countryman, with a few details, such as a starter button that flashes yellow instead of red, added to bring an electric feel to the vehicle. The addition of a plug-in hybrid to the MINI range is a big step forward for the automaker, and promises a new direction for the future of the brand.