MINI Connected

With MINI Connected, you can stay in sync with both your MINI and the outside world. This affable assistant to your every journey stays right by your side, providing a multitude of MINI tools all hooked up to the web, and all controlled through the MINI Centre Instrument at the heart of the dashboard in all its high-res glory.

So what exactly is included? Check these out:

  • MINI Connected XL Journey Mate - route planner, travel guide and PA all in one
  • Online Search – wherever you are, whatever you need, find it with Online Search
  • Streetwise – this traffic prediction tool gives duration, fuel consumption and more information, so you can travel the best way from A to B
  • Status – get knowledge in your pocket with MINI Status - actual stats on fuel range, fuel level, last recorded journey and map directions to your MINI
  • Driving excitement – gamify your drive with a set of adrenaline-pumping tools
  • GoPro – star in your own MINI blockbuster and control your GoPro from the cockpit
  • Music – turn up your tunes and enjoy the drive
  • Minimalism – test your lean, mean driving skills and go up against other drivers
  • MINIConnected Ready Apps – your favourite apps, tailored for use inside your MINI
  • Social – keep in touch with your nearest and dearest, wherever you are
  • Mission Control – your MINI can talk, and it’s got your back
  • Profile – see how far you’ve come together, how many days you’ve spent in each other’s company, and more
  • Calendar – never miss a meeting. Sync your personal calendar with your MINI
  • News – your favourite feeds, read out at your command
  • EmergencyCall – your MINI will call for help, even if you can’t
  • Teleservices – your MINI knows when it needs a service before you do – and it’s hot linked to your service partner so automatically gives them the data they need.

Make sure your MINI features MINI Connected and specify before you buy, then simply download the app to get cracking with your connections. Get in touch with Lancaster MINI to order your new MINI, complete with MINI Connected.