A MINI Convertible by Vilner that’s fit for the sky

It’s dazzling, it’s daring, and it’s downright desirable – it’s the MINI Convertible by Vilner that’s turning heads and catching eyes wherever it dares to drive.

Design house Vilner, based in Bulgaria, is a design studio for cars, and this MINI Convertible is the first time the company has worked on a venture for China. This unique creation has been described as being ‘as discreet as a firework’, boasting a bold, loud and brave purple cabin.

Vilner has built on the MINI’s refreshed interior design, which features a big spherical screen and dials set around the steering wheel, and have gone even further for dramatic effect.

The seats, dashboard, carpets and door trim are all purple, accompanied by blue Alcantara that covers the remaining interior surfaces. The white bodywork, complete with purple highlights, is complemented by white stitching in the cabin.

Gold highlights add an imperial air, including the dashboard buttons and roll-over hoops, situated behind the back seats. To show that this MINI Convertible is truly out of this world, the steering wheel and dashboard are covered with a space-themed paint finish.

Owned by an actress living in Beijing, China, her motto is known to be ‘Success can be limitless, just like the universe’ – and just like the options with MINI Yours.

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