Keep your eyes on the road with MINI Head-up Screen

The tech team at MINI have been cooking up something clever, and you can now get your hands on it at Lancaster MINI Milton Keynes. The advanced MINI Head-up Screen is available to be fitted to current MINIs and allows you to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Sitting just above your dashboard at the base of your windscreen, you can benefit from real-time information without breaking concentration, keeping you safe and undistracted. Simply lift the screen to activate the display and you’re good to go. Don’t worry if it’s a bright, sunny day, as the LED screen automatically adjusts brightness, so it’s always easy to read.

This genuine MINI kit projects key car information directly in your line of sight, including vehicle speed, power and fuel, torque display, cruise control display, traffic jam alerts and a smartphone interface. Apple and Android devices are supported wirelessly, and there’s even a Garmin app for Europe-wide navigation. Clever? We think so. See it in action for yourself right here.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team at Lancaster MINI Milton Keynes to find out more about this impressive piece of retrofit kit – treat yourself and your MINI this summer and buy your very own state-of-the-art Head-up Screen.