MINI LIVING – the modern answer to urban life

One of the challenges of urban living used to be the lack of exciting, affordable mobility – and that’s how the original Mini was born back in 1959. Today’s main metropolitan issue is the requirement for attractive, affordable living space, and MINI thinks it has a solution that could help to define city living and improve the quality of urban life.

April saw the installation of MINI LIVING at Milan Design Week, a concept that centres on a 30m2 apartment that’s part of a micro-neighbourhood of equivalent apartments. Designed to encourage people in shared living to engage and interact with each other, rather than leading separate lives whilst occupying the same space, MINI LIVING creates a mini community that can bring people together and eradicate urban anonymity.

The apartment’s walls are made from fold-out shelving modules, which contain all sorts of features including kitchen units, a workbench and a music system – these open out to allow space to be configured in a variety of different ways, making creative use of every inch of space.

Esther Bahne, Head of Brand Strategy and Business Innovation at MINI offered her opinion on this new flexible living concept: ‘MINI has always been a quintessentially urban brand, a brand for the city, and this is also where a lot of our customers live. We have to take a holistic approach to the city and think about solutions that are relevant to the needs of the people who live there. This is what the MINI LIVING installation is all about.’

Until the MINI LIVING concept becomes a reality, find your solution to urban living with the MINI range available at Lancaster MINI Milton Keynes.