MINI Vision Next 100

MINI has unveiled a unique look to the future with its concept. MINI Vision Next 100, part of BMW’s centenary celebrations.

Revealed at an event at the Roundhouse in North London in June 2016, the concept provided a glimpse into the future for MINI, designed around their focus on a fun, innovative driving experience. While concepts from BMW and Rolls-Royce for the Vision Next 100 celebrations have focused on performance and BMW’s ‘sheer driving pleasure’ philosophy, MINI’s concept claims to offer a ‘completely individualised, permanently available form of urban mobility’.

The focus of the car therefore offers solutions to predominantly urban concerns, being able to drive itself to pick you up 24 hours a day, along with three other people, suggesting this is a car to be shared more than owned. In keeping with a modern lifestyle and changing tastes, the car is also able to tailor its appearance to suit what you prefer, thanks to its ‘discreet silver skin’, which acts as a blank canvas to adapt to whoever is driving with personalised projections.

The iconic MINI design style is not lost but rather accentuated, large circular lights and a centrally mounted circular instrument cluster keeping the brand’s unique flair. Ultra-modern stylings such as the vast windscreen extending down to the glass grille gives the unmistakeable illusion of perpetual forward motion, emphasising the fast-paced progression of the next century.

A minimalist interior focuses on the driver experience between the car and the road, and makes use of sustainable materials such as aluminium and recycled plastic in place of wood and leather for a completely eco-friendly outlook. Designed as a ‘mini MINI’, the car offers a surprisingly spacious interior to fit four passengers, while still slimming down to create a wonderfully compact vehicle.

While this particular concept may still be a long way off, the stunning range available at Lancaster MINI Milton Keynes offers excitement in all forms and a model to suit any taste, and promises that the next 100 years will be filled with yet more exhilaration.