More MINI tech today than ever before

As our cherished MINI has evolved, so has its tech. Right now, it’s better than ever before, so we thought we’d explain what innovation is on offer with our fantastic MINI range at Jardine. You may think that some MINI features are futuristic – but you can get your hands on them right now. It’s your MINI, your way.

Have you heard about MINI Head-Up Display? When you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, at the road ahead, vital information is displayed directly in your field of vision. Easily view your driving speed, Bluetooth and audio details at a glance. Better yet, if you opt for the MINI Driving Assistant Pack, you’ll also be able to see the speed limit and collision warnings – all in full colour. And if you have Navigation fitted, you’ll see your Sat-Nav directions on the windscreen too!

At MINI, we’re all about safety first. That’s why MINI’s Active Pedestrian Safety System has been developed to reduce injury to pedestrians if a collision ever occurs. Clever, eh? If an impact is anticipated, the Pedestrian Detection symbol appears, an audible warning is sounded and the car will pre-load the braking system and apply the brakes at the right point. Upon impact, the bonnet lifts up in order to minimise any injuries.

Opt for the Driving Assistance Package to experience enhanced levels of comfort and convenience as well as considerable safety enhancements. MINI’s clever Active Cruise Control can change the speed of your MINI automatically, using cameras to speed up and slow down, adapting to the speed of the car ahead to match the flow of traffic and to keep a safe distance from the car ahead.

With Parking Assist, your MINI can read between the lines - it starts by measuring parallel parking spaces on both sides of your MINI as you drive along, using the parking distance control function, and alerts you to stop when a suitable space is found. Guidance is then given on the screen and the front and rear ultrasonic parking sensors kick in - as you control the speed of your MINI, it automatically steers into the space. For extra assistance, add the MINI Visual Boost radio or Media Pack XL, which displays the distance to objects with a colour-coded warning display.

If a MINI Convertible is your car of choice, you’ll be as right as rain with our Rain Warner app, part of MINI Connected XL Journey Mate. Your phone will let you know when it’s about to rain if you’ve parked up with your roof down, so you can pop back to your car and put the roof up. It works when you’re driving too, with Journey Mate keeping an eye on the forecast, letting you know if rain is on the way – all you have to do is pull over and put the roof up!

Connect your smartphone to your car with MINI Connected and stream various audio apps - upgrade to MINI Connected XL Journey Mate for your route planner, travel guide and calendar in one intuitive package. It can even update you on traffic, weather, parking, personal reminders and more on your journeys.

Get the greeting you’ve always wanted with the MINI Excitement Pack – when you unlock your car and open your driver’s door, the MINI wings are projected onto the ground below. Pick your LED colour or enjoy random selection.

If you’re looking for added power, pick the exclusive John Cooper Works Pro Tuning Kit – unique ‘Track Mode’, activated by a dedicated Bluetooth device, increases the power output of a Cooper S to 210bhp and offers increased noise level.

With so many innovative extras to add to your MINI, which will you choose? Whichever you pick, your car will most certainly be unique to you. Contact Jardine to design your very own MINI.