Royal Mail makes Mini Van stamps

The Royal Mail has recently issued a new set of ‘Royal Mail Heritage: Transport’ stamps, which feature the iconic Mini Van, manufactured between the years of 1960 and 1983.

The new stamp set has been designed to mirror how Royal Mail transport methods have changed as the years have gone by, moving mail from place to place, with some choices more fashionable than others. None can be as iconic as the Mini Van, which has been chosen to represent the 1970s, naturally making for the most stylish stamp of them all.

‘Royal Mail Minivan, 1970s. Minivans were purchased in large numbers in the 1970s following the demise of the Morris Minor. They were ideal for smaller collection and delivery duties in towns, but low height and limited ground clearance made them less suitable for rural deliveries.’

The Mini Van offered a cheaper mode of transport than the car, as by being classed as a commercial vehicle, it carried no sales tax – this made it popular in 1960s Britain, even with postmen and women. In total, 521,494 were built, with the Mini Van being renamed in 1978 as the Mini 95, representing its 0.95 ton gross vehicle weight.

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