The Modern Gentleman for 2016

What makes a modern gentleman in 2016, we hear you ask? Traditionally ‘a man regarded as having qualities of refinement’, ‘a man who is cultured, courteous and well-educated’, but has this changed in modern times? At MINI, we think we know the key to contemporary gentlemanly life; read on below to find out.

The modern gentleman is dapper, motivated and contented in his own skin. And that’s why grooming is so important. Look good on the outside? Feel good on the inside. And when you feel completely at home in your own skin, you ooze confidence. Gentlemen are careful not to over-preen though, as the results can be disastrous.

Entrepreneurialism is key to the gentlemanly way, with modern chaps rising above to find a solution no matter what, going from strength to strength and taking on whatever the world throws at them and helping those around them in the process.

The 2016 gentleman makes a fashion statement - but it’s most certainly his own. Forget the current trends and create your own look; show your character through what you wear and you’ll pave the way for your own gentlemanly style.

Modern gentlemen’s health and wellbeing are paramount to their success – how you treat your body affects your mind, and vice versa. Keep exercise at the core and live a good life.

Food and drink are most definitely part of a modern gentleman’s life, taking enjoyment from both the cooking and eating of it, and exploring the world by trying new culinary experiences with effortless sophistication.

Make the most of travel and leisure as a modern gentleman by taking a fresh approach – why is it not ‘time on’ rather than ‘time off’? It’s a chance to equalise our work-life balance and embrace the things in life that we value most. Make the most of that ‘time on’ in 2016 and explore new places, like all modern gentlemen should do - never top learning and broaden your definition of culture.

Go forth and be the modern gentleman that you know you can be this year, with MINI as your perfect accessory!