You’ll never guess the world’s most popular MINI name…

The world’s first ever MINI census was held this summer, conducted by Mini World Live, capturing names of classic and modern MINIs, male and female, old and young, from all around the world.

Many people name their cars, but there’s just something about the iconic MINI that almost urges you to name it – maybe its character, style, its human-like name or its fun driving experience.

Some obvious names cropped up in the census, and so did some completely random ones. Minnie, Millie and Mollie were the most popular female names, but surprisingly, 51% of MINI owners said they refer to their car as male! Only 35% said their MINIs were female – leaving 14% undecided!

Topping the table as the most popular MINI name was... Marvin! Followed closely by Tommy and Jack. Other names in the mix included Dave, Stuart and Bob, as featured in hit film Despicable Me.

The MINI brand did a smaller survey themselves last year, and even wrote a song about their findings! View their original MINI music video here for MINI name inspiration.

Unusual names included Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff Girls, Tetley (like the teabag, full of holes) and Pingu (white with a black roof), as well as (MINI) Me, Winnie, (MINI) Driver and Leigh Halfpenny (after the rugby player, described by its owner as ‘smallish, gorgeous and powerful’).

If you have a great idea for your own MINI name but need to find your ideal model first, take a look at the range available from Lancaster MINI Milton Keynes. If you already have a MINI but haven’t named it, what are you waiting for?!