The official MINI Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is a full HD high quality wide-angle camera that protects you during critical driving conditions, parking and break-in situations as well as a detailed video taken from the car's perspective.

The MINI Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is used to document trip data whilst driving and to continually record for 24 hours in parking mode if the car is left unattended. The Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is set to automatically record movements stimulated by movement and vibration. This gives you peace of mind at all times and works in conjunction with your Apple or Android device.

Includes: Front camera, rear-window camera (cannot be installed with some models and equipment*), anti-bubble foil, cable set for fixed installation, 32GB micro SD card with USB adapter and user manual.

The admissibility of the recording and utilisation of the video recordings depends on the legal regulations of the respective country. Responsibility for use and compliance with applicable regulations lies with the user. Please confirm the specific requirements before commencing a journey.


  • The full HD wide-angle camera automatically records critical driving situations that may be important for evidence purposes
  • Also available just as front camera (e.g. for convertibles)
  • The simultaneous rear view, achieved by recording the rear perspective of the car allows for a more effective assessment of the driving simulation
  • The sensitive GPS receiver allows for the road and speed being travel to be recorded accurately
  • The camera is capable of recording high quality videos during the day and night due to its various sensors
  • Works in conjunction with a smartphone app, downloadable for free to Apple and Android devices

The MINI Advanced Car Eye can be fitted for just £475* for both the front and rear.


*Subject to vehicle. The rear-view camera cannot be fitted to Convertible & Clubman models. The rear screen camera included in the package cannot be installed on convertibles. Split tailgate may incur extra fitting time. Correct as of 01/22.