100% Approved Used MINIs

Sometimes life is just unbelievable. Like when you look at a used MINI from the 100% Approved Used MINI programme. You'd swear blind that it's brand new - because it looks and drives and works like it is. Hardly surprising. A thorough check ensures that all 100% Approved Used MINI cars are just that - the premium version of a used car. You really can believe it!

100% Approved Used MINIs come with:

  • Minimum 12 months MINI Warranty
  • Minimum 12 month MINI Emergency Service Cover across the UK and Continental Europe
  • Minimum 12 month MOT and MOT Cover - (N.Ireland Minimum 6 Months MOT and MOT Cover)
  • Full service history
  • Independent vehicle history and mileage checks
  • Finance and Insurance available through MINI Financial Services*

*Subject to our normal underwriting criteria and that of our insurers

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