Winter Tyres

Among the many specialist tyres that are on the market, winter tyres are some of the most durable and robust. They’re specially designed for winter driving, capably dealing with ice and snow on the roads, and they work more effectively at lower outside temperatures. If they’re fitted and used correctly as a complete set, winter tyres can last just as long, if not longer, than any set of standard tyres.

Winter tyres are specifically made for colder conditions; they’re created with enhanced silica and more natural rubber than standard tyres. This prevents drops in temperature from hardening the rubber and lowering the effectiveness of the tyres.

At temperatures of seven degrees or lower, having winter tyres fitted to your vehicle can help you stop 11 metres sooner (at 20mph on icy roads). In addition, they can reduce your wet braking distance from 60mph by the equivalent of one full car length. These distances have been verified by the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association, and so it’s evident that winter tyres have a genuine positive impact on the performance of your car in cold weather.

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