smart fortwo takes a novel approach to green motoring

One of the most important priorities for vehicle manufacturers today is improving the output of its vehicles to benefit the environment. Systems such as start/stop, hybrid powertrains and efficient transmission systems are all commonplace, but a recently-revealed smart fortwo shows a more unique approach.

Moovel Lab, a company affiliated with smart owners Daimler, have produced a smart fortwo covered entirely in grass. The ‘living’ city car was created by wrapping the body in soil and planting seeds on it. The seeds then sprout to grow grass which absorbs CO2 and emits oxygen.

The idea may be new in the auto industry, but it has already been applied to city buildings for some time as a means of improving air quality. Moovel Lab claims that the green fortwo can remove up to seven kilogrammes of CO2 from the air each year.

Although it is unlikely that grass-covered cars will catch on, the project does highlight the importance of green technology in the industry. Smart is always looking to develop its expertise in this area, as the incoming all-electric smart fortwo and forfour show.

These zero-emission models are due to arrive in 2016, and will go on sale at smart at Mercedes-Benz dealerships under the Jardine Motors Group umbrella. Talk to a team member today about smart’s energetic city cars in more detail.

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