Distinguishing features for the Boxster T include 20-inch Titanium Grey alloy wheels and grey door mirror shells. The central, twin exhaust tailpipe is finished in black and the Boxster T logo is finished in Agate Grey. Overall, the look is pared-back, purposeful, enhanced by the lower ride height of the S.​ The look continues inside, black and purist in intention, with a shortened gearshift, high-gloss black trim strips and Porsche’s Sports Seats plus. Door pulls are in minimalist nylon, and there’s a simple storage compartment where the infotainment goes in other models (though this is available as an option).


With the 300PS 2.0-litre flat four of the 718 model Boxster sitting low and in the vehicle’s centre of gravity, you’re assured of an entertaining drive. Acceleration from 0-62mph takes 5.1 seconds though if you opt for the PDK transmission and Launch Control you can cut this to 4.7s. Thanks to the turbo, the peak torque of 380Nm starts at just 1,950 and continues unabated up to 4,500rpm. Top speed is 170mph. ​ Porsche’s Sport Chrono Pack is standard on the T models, offering a choice of Normal, Sport and Sport Plus driving modes. The chassis features the lower ride height and stiffer springs of the S, there’s torque vectoring with a mechanical rear diff lock, and new dynamic gearbox mounts, the latter claimed by Porsche to improve precision and stability. 


As standard, the Boxster T doesn’t have an infotainment system. This is all part of the purist intent for this model and helps to bring the all-up weight of the car down to 1350kg. However, if you can’t live without built-in audio and sat-nav then the Connect Plus module is available, with Porsche Car Connect and Apple® CarPlay, LTE telephone module with SIM card reader, wireless internet access, online navigation and Porsche Connect services.


Porsche may have pared the Boxster T back to offer a pure driving experience but that doesn’t include skimping on safety. Full-size driver and passenger airbags come as standard. The Porsche Side Impact Protection System (POSIP comprises side impact protection elements in the doors and two airbags on each side. There’s an integral thorax airbag in each seat side bolster, while the door panels each contain an upwards-inflating head airbag.