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Caring For Your Classic With Porsche Classic Motoroils

Here at our Porsche Centres, we take great pride in the love of our cars and love to share our passion for our new innovative models and the future ahead. Equally, we also love our heritage and models that shaped the Porsche brand right from the very start. Inspired by our community of driving enthusiasts, we are committed to never taking it for granted. That is why our range of Porsche Classic Motoroils has been crafted specifically for the needs of older engines throughout the Porsche Classic family. By using the Classic Porsche Motoroil tailored to your car, there is no better way to show you care.

Dreams should be lived and our heritage can be kept alive with our special lubricants that have been carefully tested in the laboratory and out on the track, focusing on running performance, material compatibility and lubrication properties. The result is four bespoke engine oils:

20W-50. Recommended for 356, 914 and early 911 models up to 2.7 litres - Whether the engine is warm or cold, this oil is the best product for maintaining the classic engine.

5W-50. Recommended for 996 and 986 models (all derivatives) - This high-alloy engine oil boasts optimal properties in terms of corrosion protection and neutralisation of corrosive combustion products.

10W-60. Recommended for 911 models 3.0 litres and above - Fully synthetic oil, it is suitable for the air cooled, six-cylinder flat engines in 911 models with dry sump lubrication, allowing these engines to benefit from the technical progress in the development of engine oils.

10W-50. Recommended for 924, 944, 968 and 928 transaxle vehicles (all derivatives) - A synthetic high-performance oil, it offers superb lubricating and protective properties, with high temperature resistance and very good shear stability in all operating conditions.

A lot goes into the development of our Motoroils, technology has moved at such a pace over the decades, that the engineering within a Porsche Classic is remarkably different to its modern counterparts. It is this key insight that has led to the development of Porsche Classic Motoroils today. Finely tuned to the engines and the materials of the first Classics, they are now used for present and future models, along with their specific needs and properties.

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