Electric-city | EV Tried and Tested

To value our customers interested in the future release of the Macan BEV and to dialogue with customers invested in the all-electric Taycan, Porsche Centres Colchester, Cambridge and East London hosted potential EV customers at GridServe Braintree. A purpose-built electric charging station and connect point. This mini eco-centre was conveniently equipped with fast charge lanes, meeting rooms, seating areas, toilets and a WH Smiths and Costa Coffee Cafe.

Over 30 customers booked to have a test drive, or an EV discussion with our Porsche Pro's and even gain invaluable advice on charging best practices and infrastructure from GridServe Gurus.

The warm weather was optimal for an electrified test drive in a line-up of one of seven Taycan demonstrators. An event exclusive was the appearance of our two unmissable 75 Years of Porsche livery-wrapped Taycans, in the #dreamsincolours theme. Considering there are a possible half-a-million colour options available on new Porsche cars, no wonder these Anniversary Taycans celebrate the power of expression and configuration on an individual level.

Power Packed

According to ZapMap, at the end of May 2023, there were 43626 electric vehicle charging points across the UK, across 25413 charging locations. This includes the 30% increase in the total number of charging devices between the end of 2021 and 2022. That’s more locations than petrol fuelling points.

Did you miss out on the event and are considering e-performance for your next car?

Call our Sales Department to enquire about EV test drives or book a showroom visit to explore options with a Porsche Pro.


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