Chigwell Taycan Test Drive


Our Taycan Range on the Road

Customers interested in EV and our Taycan range were invited to take the wheel as staff from Porsche Centre East London gathered at Chigwell Hall Sports Club for a well-attended test drive event. Fuelled and feisty sounds like a movie, but with the club house as the backdrop and the spirited Taycan as the test subject, customers left experiencing ‘power’, pleasurable road handling, that signature ‘torque’, the ‘Porsche DNA’ combining ‘luxury’ and ‘sportiness’.

Soul Electrified

A dozen customers took the chance to drive the Taycans across town and the motorway to experience a pure electric drive. A few guests made a day of it and brought guests, partners and even their Porsche enthused children along. Many of the customers’ guests took to the wheel too. Our 75-year livery wrapped Taycan and our Taycan GTS were included in the line-up. It was also a chance to try going fully EV for those customers waiting for the new Porsche Macan EV, which will be the next BEV car to be added to the Porsche family.

Some customers booked a morning drive and some preferred the afternoon. Kids enjoyed colouring in a Taycan activity sheet, to their own specification of colours! Fresh cream cakes, pastries and teas were enjoyed on arrival.

Future-Forward Motoring

E-performance is exhilarating and efficient at the same time. What did customers say? ‘Instant acceleration’, ‘fantastic to drive’, ‘keen to go electric and have the facilities to charge’, ‘loved it’, ‘fun’, ‘enjoyed the lowness of the drive’, ‘very impressed’, ‘very comfortable’, ‘interior felt like a spaceship’, ‘love the way it looks’ – were some of the feedback received. Why not try for yourself and experience electric mobility, the future of all passenger vehicle powertrains.

To book a test drive in the well-engineered and emission-free Taycan contact our Centres as below.


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