Everyday usability and performance: usually a contradiction but with Porsche it’s a combination that has been perfected across its exclusive product range. And the Performance Roof Box is no exception to that.

The Performance Roof Box combines sportiness with individual design and functionality. In black high-gloss with silver ‘PORSCHE’ adorned onto the rear, the performance roof box aesthetically steps up to any Porsche model* it sits on.

But more importantly it has the additional ‘performance’ designation which represents the extensive testing undertaken, pushed to maximum speeds of 200 km/h. The performance roof box can withstand tough conditions and has ultimate aerodynamics so that your extra additions never compromise performance. And its this investment in aerodynamic behaviour and handling characteristics which demonstrates Porsche’s desire to create products with ‘performance for every day’ at their core.

Additionally, the performance roof box has a 480-litre capacity and a payload of up to 75kg, which grants you limitless adventures. And the easy to reach openings from both sides means that you are never far away from your belongings.

This product lives up to the exclusive style of your Porsche. For more information about the Performance Roof Box or any other Porsche Tequipment item, contact your local Porsche centre.

*911 Coupe only. Macan and Cayenne models roof bars only in conjunction with roof rails. Taycan only in conjunction with a panoramic fixed glass factory fitted option.