Planning Your Car Purchase

At a time when we have become so accustomed to next or even same-day delivery, to hear the words ‘lead time’ may seem at odds with our convenience-led lifestyle. When it comes to bespoke manufacturing and designing your perfect car however, the old maxim ‘good things come to those who wait’ still holds true.

Exceptionally high demand and challenging global headwinds have resulted in extended lead times for most automotive manufacturers, with Porsche being no exception to this. As a producer of highly exclusive, custom-built vehicles, it may take longer to receive your new Porsche. In light of this, it may be helpful to learn of some tips to make the wait pass a little quicker!

Placing your deposit and order with us is the beginning of your journey. A priority, as these ensure that Porsche Cars GB Ltd are aware of your order request and will allocate the earliest available build slot to your Porsche Centre. This may take some time depending upon the model that you choose and the number of orders in the system around the country. Your Centre will communicate with you to advise you of the build month for your new car, at which time they will need your final specification before it locks with the factory. After this, the car will go into build before being completed, transported to the UK port at Sheerness and finally brought by transporter to the Centre.

If you just can’t wait 6 to 18+ months for your new car, there are options to consider in the meantime. Your Porsche Centre can offer you an Approved Used Porsche, which has been subjected to a 111-point check and reconditioned to an exceptional standard. Alternatively, they may be able to help you to navigate the lead times between different models (such as 911, Cayenne, EVs or Taycan) and offer you choices that may come through a little sooner.

To discuss the options or book a test drive, please contact the relevant sales team at your local Porsche Centre.