This September our team took on the RE1NVENT challenge of restoring an E1 Cayenne to be the ultimate off-roading vehicle for a two day cross country adventure in Wales, we began by stripping the car back to basics and ensuring everything mechanically was 'road ready' we then began working on the look and practicalities of the car, we added a fresh set of off-roading tyres as well as installing a PCCM unit to assist with navigation if required. To give the Cayenne that off-road look we also added a large light strip to the front of the vehicle and a roof rack to potentially aid some activities. Finally to stand out we had a unique wrap put on the car to ensure we could be noticed.

Our team headed to Wales on Saturday 16 September and began the RE1NVENT challenge, with a great level of teamwork and determination our team was able to complete all the challenges set.

Dan said, “having worked for Porsche for a long time, this was definitely up there with one of the best events I have participated in. It was a massive sense of achievement, where the majority of cars were heavily modified (including some with V8 engines), whereas we had the standard V6 with some upgrades to tyres, and we were able to complete all trails and tracks as the other teams did.”

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