In a world of rapidly developing technology, it comes as no surprise that Porsche is advancing with the times. As 2022 takes full swing, the Porsche digital world is greeted by a new addition in the form of an all-purpose smartphone app that combines the functions of several existing Porsche applications to create the ‘My Porsche App’.

My Porsche will become a versatile tool for every one of the sports car manufacturer’s drivers. The app is compatible with Porsche vehicles from the 2016 model year onwards. If there is a connection between the smartphone and the Porsche model, the app displays important vehicle parameters and can be used as a remote control for selected functions. It also supports the driver with charging processes, contacting their dealer, booking service appointments and with questions about the vehicle.

The application will become the primary information hub that connects each Porsche owner with their vehicle. It will display crucial information such as state of charge, fuel levels, current mileage and even vehicle location. In the coming months the integration of ‘Porsche Good to Know’ will even give you access to tutorials that will ensure you are gaining the maximum benefit from your vehicle.

Remote functions are offered within the My Porsche app allowing drivers to use their smartphone as a remote device that can lock or unlock their car, set the air conditioning and auxiliary heating, or even control the charging program in hybrid and electric vehicles. The comprehensive communication network between the car and smartphone connects accounts from multiple streaming and scheduling apps with the vehicles built in applications on the Porsche Communication Management System (PCM) for easy and effective integration.

My Porsche operates on both Apple and Android devices (iOS 14 and later/Android 8 and later) and customers can sign in using their existing Porsche IDs. Alternatively new users can register directly within the app. To download the app, simply search for ‘My Porsche’ in the App store or in Google Play, the scope of functions can vary depending on the model, model year and country availability.

For more information or to make an enquiry, please contact your local centre:

Cambridge : 01223 873773

Colchester : 01206 848569

East London : 0203 203 0489

South London : 0208 269 6348