SMART Repair

Minor Damage Repairs for your Pride and Joy

We can repair minor damages to your car quickly and easily using all the latest SMART repair techniques. Our SMART Repair Technicians will simply focus on the individual scuff, scratch, bumps or dents using specialist tools, paints, materials and methods to repair and repaint any damage – producing a 'good-as-new' finish.

Our SMART Repairs include

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Scuffs, kerbing and marking can all be easily removed, returning your wheels back to their original level of aesthetic appeal.
  • Bumper Scuff and Scratch Removal Treat minor bodywork damage with a SMART Repair without the need for re-painting a major area.
  • Paintless Dent Repair Removed using specialist technology with no paint repair required.
  • Leather and Trim Repair We can restore the interior leather and trim of your vehicle, repairing day-to-day wear and accidental damage
  • Body Panel Scratches Minor paintwork damage can be fixed quickly without complex repair work.
  • Windscreen Repair Stone chip and crack damage repair can prevent the need for a complete replacement.
  • Wing Mirror If the mirror case is intact, a SMART repair is possible.

What are the Benefits of SMART Repair?

YouGov research shows that 65% of Britain's cars are carrying some form of damage that can be fixed by SMART Repair.

  • Keeps your car in Good Condition Affordable way to maintain your car’s condition
  • Maximises your Car’s Value A car in good condition holds its resale value
  • Limits Insurance Claims SMART repairs often cost less than your excess
  • Good for your Wallet Provides an affordable alternative to costly full body work
  • Quick and Convenient SMART repairs usually take just a few hours