(2003 – 2015)

Phaeton was Volkswagen's first large luxury saloon and sat alongside Touareg as part of the brand's representation in the luxury class. The Phaeton was designed from conception to set the standards in its class, and to this end, sophisticated technology is a major feature of the vehicle.

Outstanding quality down to the smallest detail.

Even before it is taken on its first drive, the Phaeton has already experienced an eventful journey. The Phaeton is one of the few cars in the world that is predominantly assembled by hand, with only three robots involved in its production. Other than that, it is purely in the hands of highly trained experts.

Another unique feature of this unusual environment is the way in which the Phaeton moves silently through the production process. The Canadian maple and cured oak floor ensures both minimum noise and absolute concentration. Combined with the unique levels of light that only the Glass Factory can afford, it is certainly more of an artist’s studio, than a production line.

Uncompromising build quality transforms everyday items into works of art throughout the Phaeton. Take the analogue clock, for example. Centrally located in the dashboard and beautifully finished in polished chrome, its contemporary styling creates a classic, timeless design.

Such is the supreme ride comfort of the Phaeton that every journey becomes an experience of pure driving enjoyment rather than simply travelling to your destination. If required, a range of optional driver assistance systems are available to make driving even easier, such as Side Scan to help you change lanes safely by monitoring the road around you, or Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) maintaining a constant distance from the car in front. In addition, the Continuous Damping Control (CDC) air suspension fitted as standard, enables the vehicle to deliver the ultimate in smoothness of ride, reducing to a bare minimum pitch and roll movements, which occur when accelerating, braking suddenly or cornering. You can manually raise the chassis if you wish for an even smoother ride, and at high speeds it automatically lowers again to reduce the air resistance. Every Phaeton is equipped with the sophisticated 4MOTION four-wheel drive system, which adjusts the distribution of the drive power according to the road conditions within fractions of a second. Even in critical situations, this provides excellent traction, ensuring the vehicle remains safe, secure and calm.


Behind the wheel of the Phaeton, the many functions and systems are all ergonomically positioned so that handling becomes intuitive, ensuring a relaxed, enjoyable driving experience. The centre console

is stylishly yet sensibly designed, the round instrument panels are clearly arranged, and the multifunction leather trimmed steering wheel enables you to perform many different functions without taking your hands off the wheel. The full colour multifunction display provides a wealth of navigational details and information about your journey, such as average speed or your current and average fuel consumption, while the 8 inch touch-screen of the RNS 810 DVD satellite navigation/radio system allows easy access to the infotainment system, allowing you to select music and even play DVDs when stationary. As you can see, every function or piece of information you may need is all close to

hand, every control located where you would intuitively expect it to be, and, flowing seamlessly around the centre console, the wood, leather and chrome creates a feeling of space, style and calm – providing the perfect backdrop for the dashboard’s most-loved detail, the beautiful analogue clock.


Powerful proportions combine with classic styling to give the Phaeton its unique rear design Tinted rear light clusters incorporating LED technology create a strong image, especially at night, with a look that’s dynamic, contemporary and exciting. The true test of a classic design is its timeless appeal and the Phaeton passes this test with flying colours. It takes the legendary silhouette of the large saloon and adds an elegance and panache all of its own that will remain as fresh tomorrow as it is today. Of course, styling and aesthetics are only half the story, and the Phaeton also displays exceptional build quality.

The coming/leaving home lighting function ensures you not only arrive home safely, but also get straight to your front door. For up to four minutes after locking or unlocking your vehicle, the headlights, rear lights and door mirror lights brighten the surrounding area, which makes getting in and out of the car a great deal safer and easier.

Impressive engine performance requires perfectly matched power transmission to ensure the ultimate in ride comfort and enjoyment. To ensure this, the Phaeton is equipped with two sophisticated drive systems. Firstly, an electronically controlled air suspension system, Continuous Damping Control (CDC), adapts automatically to road conditions, delivering the ultimate in smoothness of ride. At high speeds, the chassis is lowered, on uneven surfaces the chassis is raised, and in comfort mode, soft damping ensures a more comfortable ride. When cornering, the damping automatically adjusts to improve road-holding, and automatic self-levelling control recognises and balances any weight differences within the car.


Phaeton 360° View