Range Rover Evoque. Prices from: £31,505

Range Rover Evoque. Prices from: £31,505

Range Rover Evoque


The Range Rover Evoque has already become an icon of automotive engineering.

A unique fusion of Range Rover muscularity and three-door coupé chic, it seamlessly blends the best attributes of every vehicle that has helped inspire its design.

The new Range Rover Evoque can be discovered in more detail and taken for a test drive at Jardine Motors Group retailers in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, the Midlands and Kent today.


Airbags are loaded into all corners of the Evoque's cabin to protect passengers from every angle. 

Even without them, the muscular vehicle's high-strength safety cell and advanced restraint systems ensure a safe and comfortable ride. 

Your grip will never leave the asphalt, thanks to the powerful all-disc braking system and cutting-edge active electronic safety systems. ​


The Evoque is hewn from the finest, most modern materials and imbued with forward-thinking technology. Its design takes the rugged confidence inherent in Range Rovers and transforms it into a style-conscious crossover that's maximised for modern living. More so than the Range Rover Sport, the Evoque is a truly athletic auto that boasts a rear spoiler, waist finisher and contrasting alloy wheels.

The four-seat cabin is upholstered in luxurious leather, which can be upgraded to an even finer aesthetic if needed.You can feel confident and in control at the helm of the Evoque, with a range of technologies within easy reach on the central console.​​


Perhaps the most important aspect of the Range Rover Evoque's design is its ability to compete with the environmentally friendly vehicles in its segment. The talents of the new diesel and petrol engines are fuel economy of up to 56.5mpg combined and CO2 emissions as low as 133g/km.

An all-round high achiever, the Evoque boasts a top speed of up to 135mph and acceleration of 0-60mph in approximately seven seconds. Each engine unit has been calibrated to the highest standard, and both manual and automatic transmissions are available. Being a Range Rover, it's as fast as it is strong, and can pull up to 1,800kg.

Vehicle length 4365 mm / 171.8 in
Vehicle width 1965 mm / 77.4 in
Vehicle height (unladen) 1635 mm / 64.4 in
Wheelbase 2660 mm / 104.7 in
Unladen weight (DIN) 1595 kg / 3516 lb
Engine 2.2-litre
Max Torque 380 nm
Max Power 112 kW
Top Speed 112 mph
Acceleration 0-60 mph / 10.6 sec
Combined cycle 56.5 mpg
Urban cycle 47.1 mpg
CO2 133 g/km

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