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If you’re on the hunt for a good-looking, reliable SUV with a sporty DNA, the Range Rover Sportis bound to be up your street.

Launched in 2005, the well-loved brother of the full-sized Range Rover has been gracing our roads for almost 20 years. Both models feature the same engine, interior, and fittings, with the only difference being that the Sport is more compact and agile.

The Range Rover Sport can also tackle any muddy or uneven terrain with ease and confidence. So, whether in town or the countryside, you’ll be able to cruise around just fine.

Should a used Range Rover Sport be your next drive? Read on to learn more.

Looks and drivability

Boastinga proud, bold look, you certainly won’t go unnoticed at the wheel of a Range Rover Sport.

While it maintains the signature style of the ‘standard’ Range Rover, the Sport has a boxier design, which gives it a sporty and coupe-like look.

Yes, despite being smaller in size than other Range Rover models, the Sport is still big enough to make a statement on the road. But the good thingis its dimensionsdon’t affect its drivability, as it comes with excellent grip and responsive steering.

This is mainly thanks to the Sport’s great air suspension, which helps it soak up all the bumps along the way and take on tricky bends on B-roads without much hassle.

The Range Rover Sport has diesel, hybrid, and supercharged petrol engines so, regardless of whetheryou’re keener on fuel efficiency or performance, you are sorted either way.


The Range Rover Sport’s interior oozes luxury, as it’s equipped with high-quality leather seating and soft-touch plastics. The front seats are particularly comfy and adjustable, meaning the driver will always benefit from a clear, full view of the road ahead.

This car doesn’t lack space, either. There is plenty of leg- and headroom for passengers, which makes the Sport a great choice if you enjoy long road trips or have active little ones sitting at the back.There’s also lots of storage space to carry your essentials and keep them within reach.

If you’re after a used Range Rover Sport, you will also benefit from some handy, appealing features. As well as having high-tech infotainment, some Sport models are fitted with a panoramic roof, three-zone climate control, and adaptive cruise control.

And if reversing into tight spots causes you headaches, don’t worry – all Sport vehicles come with parking sensors and cameras.

Boot space is very generous, too, as it can easily accommodate up to five suitcases. So, if you’re off on an adventure, you won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind!

Ways to buy a used Range Rover Sport with Jardine Motors

Once you’ve chosen the model that ticks all the right boxes, you’ll have the chance to tailor your buying options to your needs and budget.

Do you want to buy the car upfront? Or would you rather spread the costs over time? Whatever suits you best, we’re happy to help – we have a range of financing options to make your experience as smooth as possible.

If you’re an online shopper by definition, you can consider purchasing your favourite model online. It will all be done safely at the click of a button!

Want to try it first? Book a test drive online – pay a fully refundable deposit, and we’ll take the car off the market as you give it a go. Pop over to thenearest dealership to take your used Range Rover Sport for a ride.

Why buy a used Range Rover Sport with Jardine Motors?

With over 50 years of experience, Jardine Motors has built a strong reputation for selling quality, luxurious vehicles.

Whether you’re looking for a new or used model, we have you covered. Feel free to browse our vast collection on our website,and get in touch if you have any questions.

Our friendly team is always happy to talk you through models, specifications, engines and customisations.

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