Which Land Rover Has 7 Seats?

There is arguably no other car that unites glamour and practicality better than a Land Rover.

First things first, it makes for a reliable off-roading SUV that’s able to tackle muddy and uneven surfaces without much trouble. Secondly, it’s a very comfortable vehicle, meaning that those long road trips will never leave you with an achy back or legs. And as for the aesthetics, you can rest assured that a Land Rover will never go unnoticed as you cruise around town. Its elegant, sophisticated looks are simply something else!

So, looking for a new or Approved Used Land RoverBrowse our website to find a car that ticks all the right boxes. If a spacious cabin is at the top of your priority list, you’ll be glad to know there are several models that will suit you and your passengers just right. Read on to discover which Land Rover has 7 seats to accommodate your kids, friends, and family members.

​Land Rover Discovery 

The Land Rover Discovery is one of the most attractive and luxurious SUVs on the market, featuring plenty of interior space and a stylish designthat’s second to none.

It is one of the roomiest models you can hope to get, with three rows of seating for up to seven passengers. This makes it a great choice for families with growing kids and teenagers, and is the perfect car for anyone with an outdoorsy lifestyle.

The Land Rover Discovery is a pleasure to drive. Equipped with air suspension, it can handle any sort of terrain, ensuring a smooth ride both in the countryside and in the heart of a city. Its latest versions also come with a variety of interesting features, including a 3D surround camera, a handy infotainment touchscreen, and two-zone climate control. 

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport blends comfort and versatility with a high-up driving position that allows the driver to have a clear, full view of the road ahead.

Based on the specific type of model, the Discovery Sport offers seating for five or seven passengers. The seven-seat version has a 5+2 configuration, meaning that its third row has two seats. Pretty useful if you’re off on a road trip with friends and more people decide to join you lastminute!

The first two rows of seats are particularly comfy, providing ample legroom for tall passengers. And if people are too tight at the back, the middle row can slide forward, making the third row feel less cramped.

Modern Discovery Sport models have a slick interior fitted with cool infotainment and navigation systems. So, as well as offering generous in-cabin space, it is a great car to drive, too.

Range Rover Sport

Seating five people as standard, the Range Rover Sport gives you the option of taking on a third row to increase your cabin’s capacity.

With a back row in place, the Range Rover Sport can accommodate up to seven passengers, making it another appealing option for large families or large groups of friends.

Thanks to its bold, assertive design, this model certainly lives up to its name. No matter where you’re driving, whether on hilly or lumpy terrains, the Range Rover Sport has the ability to soak up bumps along the way and tackle tricky bends with ease and confidence.

Land Rover Defender

Another Land Rover model that can carry up to seven passengers is the Land Rover Defender 110.

This four-door vehicle features the usual 5+2 configuration, offering a two-seat third row that’s ideal for your little ones.

As the driver, you are bound to enjoy being in the driving seat of the Defender. The front seats are comfortable and highly adjustable, giving you a comprehensive view of both the traffic and scenery.

The Land Rover Defender 110 is a big car, with a boot capacity of 972 litres when all seats are up and an impressive 2,277 litres when the second row is folded.

Despite its generous dimensions, the Defender is relatively easy to park. It is equipped with sensors and cameras, which can help you reverse into tight spots with more peace of mind.

So, is a Land Rover right up your street? If these spacious models match your taste and needs, feel free to take a look at our collection and explore our range of new and Approved Land Rover, available with financial options to help you with your purchase.