Who makes Land Rover?

Few car brands pack the aura and pedigree of the Land Rover brand with its many variants – such as the Defender, Discovery and Range Rover - some of the most instantly recognisable vehicles on the road today. With over 75 years of heritage, when it comes to the 4x4, the Land Rover sits proudly in a class of its own. Combining off-road capabilities, practicality, state-of-the-arttechnology and impressive performance, it’s equally at home in town and country.

The brand is synonymous with British motoring and engineeringbut who makes the Land Rover today? We take a deeper dive into one of the leading motoring manufacturers on the market.

Land Rover Today

The Land Rover has existed since 1948 when the British company was set up – inspired by the smaller military transports of WW2.

Today, the company is one half of the British Multinational Manufacturer ‘Jaguar Land Rover, which isa subsidiary of Tata Motors – India’s largest automotive company.

Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing currently spans Brazil, China, India, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. Production locations will vary depending on the market. For instance, the Range Rover Evoque is produced across India and Slovakia while the Range Rover Sport is an export of the UK.

It’s true that the brand retains a strong British presence, with flagship production centres in Castle Bromwich, Halewood and Solihull employing thousands of skilled workers. Considered a status symbol in many parts of the world, the brand has also attained a strong following in regions such as North America, wider Europe and Asia.

Tata Motors have been the brand’s custodians since 2008 when they acquired it from Ford Motor Company. But where do its origins lie?

The History of Land Rover

Land Rover’s history can be traced back to post-war Britain in 1947 when Maurice Wilks, a Rover engineer, designed a prototype for the British Army. A year later, the Land Rover Series I, was born – a four-wheeldrive utility vehicle equally suited to work or leisure. This quality made it a firm favourite for farmers, adventurers, country dwellers and other off-road enthusiasts.

The series I was followed up by the Land Rover Series II in 1958 and the Land Rover Series III in 1970 – the first Land Rover to offer a diesel engine.

In intervening years, Land Rover has diversified its offering with other popular models such as the Defenderand the Range Rover - an instant success which has become one of the most popular and iconic luxury SUVs on the planet.

The company was acquired by German giants BMW, who invested heavily in the brand, wheeling out new variants such as the Freelander and the Discovery. In 2000, the company was sold to Ford Motor Company before finally arriving under the stewardship of Tata Motors in 2008.

The Land Rover brand haslong since cemented its iconic status and continues to evolve to keep up with prevailing motoring trends while retaining its distinctive sense of quality. For more information on the Land Rover models currently available, browse our new and Approved Used Land Rover listings on Jardine Motors.