Bentley Grand Convertible

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Bentley Grand Convertible

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Bentley Grand Convertible



Shown for the first time at the LA Motor Show and Art Miami Fair in November 2014, Bentley’s Grand Convertible Concept was dubbed ‘the world’s most elegant convertible’.

Based on the Mulsanne (though it’s actually 150mm shorter), this custom-built concept showcases Bentley’s skill at producing a true grand tourer convertible. Furnished with four opulent seats and the awesome power of a 6¾-litre V8 engine, it’s a classic Bentley balance of luxury and performance.

Bentley says the Grand Convertible may go into production as an exclusive, limited run collectors’ piece.


Built with additional strengthening to compensate for its lack of roof, the Grand Convertible packs a twin-turbo 6 ¾-litre V8 engine (which it shares with the Mulsanne Speed) to produce an awesome 530bhp with 1,100Nm of torque: a limitless tsunami of power at practically any speed.

It’s also likely that the Grand Convertible with come equipped with the Mulsanne Speed’s state-of-the-art driver-selectable air suspension, which gives you four settings to ensure the perfect balance of ride and handling performance in any conditions. 


Bentley aficionados will spot the Grand Continental is based on the Mulsanne Speed four-door, only with a shorter wheelbase that gives it more comfortable proportions for a two-door convertible.

Fold the fabric roof down, and you’ll see the cream of Crewe’s craftsmanship on show. Of particular note is the tonneau cover, crafted from the largest piece of veneer to appear in a Bentley and seamlessly embedded with elegant strips of polished chromed steel.

The upholstery is cut from 14 naturally-tanned, flawless hides, hand-stitched with Bentley’s signature diamond quilting and exquisite attention to detail.

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