Vehicle health checks

Our free vehicle health checks are a great way of providing reassurance from our expert technicians that your vehicle is in complete working order and free from potential problems.

Our vehicle health checks are available at any of our locations, whenever you visit us for scheduled maintenance or even if you want reassurance before you go away on an extended journey or holiday. We’ll inspect your vehicle on-site while you wait, saving you both time and money. Our checks cover both the interior and exterior components to ensure everything is performing as it should

Upon completion of the free vehicle health check we will discuss our findings with you and provide you with a written copy of your assessment. If we do find any potential issues we will discuss them with you and can often fix them while you wait. You’ll have the peace of mind that we’ve caught any problems before they become bigger issues.

To request a vehicle health check, contact your nearest Jardine Motors Bentley dealership today.

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