Honda brand named as most reliable used car manufacturer

Following research performed by What Car? magazine and Warranty Direct, Honda has been named the most reliable used car manufacturer for 2015. The survey was carried out over analysis of 50,000 live Warranty Direct policies, of vehicles aged between three and eight years old. Overall, 38 car manufacturers were represented in the poll; Honda's place at the top of the rankings for 2015 marks the ninth consecutive year of victory for the brand.

Japanese car brands have regularly performed well in the annual What Car? survey. Suzuki and Toyota took second and third place, while Chevrolet, Ford and ŠKODA also marked within the top 10 marques.

Overall, Warranty Direct measured each vehicle in the poll under a number of criteria, including failure rate, age, mileage, and repair costs. The result is calculated into a Reliability Index number, with lower numbers indicating higher levels of durability. As part of the poll, users reported that the most common reason for vehicle repair was electrical faults. Axle and suspension faults were also listed as a common reason, with air conditioning problems given as the least common cause of repair demand.

The most reliable model of the survey was the Honda Jazz, which was followed closely by the Mitsubishi Lancer. Editor of What Car?, Jim Holder, spoke of Honda's overall reliability. "Honda’s success in the reliability index is chiefly down to low failure rates. But, when things do go wrong, the cars are also relatively cheap to fix."

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