Honda FCV hydrogen concept revealed

The successor to Honda’s FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell car has been unveiled ahead of a planned release in 2016.

The initial designs for the new FCV hydrogen concept car sees far more distinctive styling than the FCX Clarity saloon, as well as an advanced powertrain that will deliver 435 miles from one fill-up.

This is possible thanks to the new 70MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank, which drivers will be able to recharge in around three minutes from designated charging stations. An enhanced fuel cell stack, which will be a third smaller than in previous models, it set to help increase performance by around 60 percent. The total power output is predicted to be 134bhp.

The futuristic interior has a wraparound dash, aircraft-control style steering wheel and a very minimalist finish. Energy created by the car can be used to power electrical devices and even a whole house from the hydrogen generated. Producing up to 9KW a journey, this is normally enough to power major functions in an average home, helping owners to save money and cut down on emissions.

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