Winter tyres

Winter tyres are built to meet the demands of colder and more adverse weather conditions. These tyres manage the cold, snow and ice better than more general tyres, and our selection of winter tyres gives you additional strength and durability when driving in colder conditions. This is because winter tyres have additional rubber and silica, so the lower temperatures do not harden the rubber, and each tyre remains as effective as standard tyres in normal conditions.

The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association has confirmed the value in fitting winter tyres, showing that they can help you stop up to 11 metres sooner when braking from 20mph when the temperature is less than seven degrees. They can also help when it comes to wet braking too, lessening stopping distance by one car’s length from 60mph.

Should you want to equip your model with winter tyres or find out more about the selection available, contact your nearest Jardine Honda dealership today.

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