Pure personalisation and perfection for your HURACÁN

​Just like your car, each and every accessory is crafted by hand. Boasting superior quality, cutting edge technology and Lamborghini’s signature design, it’s the attention paid to the smallest detail that enables you to express your personality and make your car totally unique.

Exclusive looks, masterful performance

The new Aerodynamic kit available for the HURACÁN combines technological innovation and know-how to deliver cutting edge visual appeal that truly enhances the world famous Lamborghini marque. Aggressive splitters, side skirts, rear diffusers and rear wing options, manufactured to the highest quality thresholds, and safe to operate in all conditions, will guarantee exclusivity and high performance in equal measure.

A name to be proud of

Unmistakable Lamborghini branding thanks to LED door lighting, is available in both the renowned Bull Symbol Logo and Lettering options to provide your HURACÁN with an extra something that won’t go unnoticed. Powerful LED lamps illuminate a world of motoring perfection and historical significance that can only come with the world’s most exclusive cars.

Intoxicating and thrilling – the voice of a supercar

The sound says it all. There’s nothing more instinctive and thrilling than a roaring V10 juiced up by a sophisticated exhaust system and the STRADA, SPORT AND CORSA racing exhaust options will add even more delight to your driving experience. Unlimited pleasure is guaranteed thanks to a stylish new laser-engraved tail pipe that delivers that extra audible touch to make your HURACÁN not only look good, but sound unforgettable.

Always at the ready

The HURACÁN is the perfect car for great occasions and those important moments, which is why it’s so important to be always ready. The Battery Maintainer, embossed with the Lamborghini logo, preserves your battery during periods when the car is not in use so you’ll always be ready to roll. Compact in size and easy to carry, and including battery clamps and a 12 V socket adapter, it will ensure continual perfect performance all year round, giving you the peace of mind that your driving experience will always be fully energised.