TyreSafe, one of the UK’s leading road safety organisations, has recognised the effort made by Lexus and its commitment to tyre safety by honouring the brand with the 2016 Vehicle Manufacturer Award.

A presentation evening, recently held in the West Midlands at The Belfry Resort, saw Lexus presented with the award, acknowledging the work done to support and promote the awareness of tyre safety, through a combination of methods including innovative social media communications and retailer activities, including at Lancaster.

Social Media Manager for Lexus in the UK, Gareth Jeffreys, said: ‘There’s no doubting the terrific work that has gone into raising awareness of tyre and road safety during the past 10 years. TyreSafe has been the driving force behind this and we are proud to be a part of what is a great cause and to be recognised for our own communications.’

Lexus, assisted by TyreSafe, created original online features and films to get across the importance of tyre safety. This included the world’s first ice wheels project, in which a Lexus NX crossover was fitted with a working set of wheels and tyres, hand-crafted in solid ice, highlighting the importance of tyre quality and performance during cold weather.

If you have any queries about tyre safety and your Lexus, from checking tyre pressures to changing your tyres, contact our team and explore our online information on this top safety topic.