Lexus offer supremely luxurious, dynamic cars that combine sporty performance and style with all the trimmings of luxury. The Japanese brand has a long history with many interesting features, so we at Lexus gathered seven interesting facts that you may not have known:

1. Lexus unveiled its very first car, the LS 400, in Cologne, Germany

Lexus knows that first impressions count, and that you only get one chance to make your mark. That’s why, instead of releasing their first ever car in Japan or the US, they opted to reveal the smooth and subtle LS 400 outside their offices in Cologne, Germany; home to some of their biggest competitors. The message couldn’t be clearer: ‘This is what we’ve got, and it’s good.’

2. The Calty Arts project

The Calty Arts Project was the unofficial programme through which Katsushi Nosho asked his designers at the Calty Design Research studio to forego traditional design mediums in favour of more ‘hands-on’ methods to design the concept for the Lexus SC 400. The experiment that gave the brand’s first luxury coupe its iconic silhouette used plaster-filled balloons that were randomly moulded into shapes, photographed, and projected onto a screen. One of these elongated shapes stood out to give the SC 400 the sleek and fluid shape that became a signature for Lexus.

3. Lexus in pop culture

Lexus’ iconic silhouettes and design attitudes have been an inspiration to the pop culture crowd since it was founded, with interest ranging from the brand’s numerous mentions across hip hop by rappers such as Ice Cube and Jay Z, to Hollywood’s vision for future cars in Minority Report. Even today, TV series’ such as Modern Family and Breaking Bad showcase the Lexus appeal through cameo appearances.

4. Lexus now operates in more than 90 countries on six continents

Lexus have achieved worldwide recognition for their innovation and performance, their popularity spreading across more than 90 countries and six continents including the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand, Taiwan, Russia and South Korea.

5. Although Lexus was born in Japan, the brand was only launched in its home market in 2005

The day that Lexus opened its doors in Japan was perhaps the busiest day in the brand’s history, opening at 142 dealerships across Japan on the same day in August 2005, and receiving over 250,000 visitors across the country.

6. Lexus was the first manufacturer to enter a production hybrid vehicle at the Nürburgring 24 hours race

The Lexus RX 400h was the first fully hybrid car ever to compete in a major endurance race, and its success proved that the hybrid technology was a viable alternative to diesel. Hiorkazu Koga, General Manager of the Lexus Vehicle Development Division explained the project: ‘Interest in diesel vehicles is high in Europe and it is thought that the performance of hybrid vehicles is not so good. We wanted to assess the Lexus RX 400h’s endurance and show the compatibility between driving performance and fuel efficiency by competing in the Nürburgring race.’

7. The devil’s in the details

While developing the original LS, one team member had the specific task of making sure that the feel of every single button and switch was perfect. To complete the job thoroughly, he carried around three sets of fake nails to make sure the buttons were suitable for all customers.

The more we learn about Lexus, the clearer it becomes that this is a brand dedicated to going above and beyond for their customers and to ensure perfection in their vehicles. The same level of care and attention is carried through to our selection of new and used Lexus vehicles at your local Centre, available for you to explore today