April saw Lexus think outside the box at Milan Design Week, showcasing the idea behind the LF-FC concept car in a few different ways without actually unveiling it in the flesh. Called ‘An Encounter with Anticipation’, here’s what went on behind the scenes.

At the event, Lexus exhibited three individual installations, the first of which saw Formafantasma apply a Japanese lacquering technique to 16 beautiful geometric stools and position them as an entrance or meeting point – this same lacquering technique is used on the LF-FC concept car, exhibiting the lustrous finish the car will feature.

The second installation featured three kinetic steel pieces that slowly moved in synergy. The LF-FC concept is powered by hydrogen cell technology, which is exactly what powered the steel pieces. See it right here.

Lexus imagined what is yet unseen for the third installation too, as designer Formafantasma blended Lexus DNA with Japanese textile and architectural traditions, painting the vehicle’s silhouette on white threads to create a dramatic illusion of an LF-FC concept car appearing in slow motion. Intrigued? Watch it come to life here.

It was also here where the multi-Michelin star-winning chef, Yoji Tokuyoshi, created a culinary delight to capture the spirit of the LF-FC concept, complementing the physical designs of the installation. The chef’s creation used water, which is the only waste product produced by fuel cell technology – and as the end product is transparent, the dish also represented how the LF-FC concept was at Milan Design Week in essence but remained unrevealed.

Milan Design Week also played host to the fourth round of the Lexus Design Award, with entrants submitting ideas that contribute to shaping a better future and that fall in line with the 2016 theme of Anticipation.

Of four finalists, the Grand Prix winner was team AMAM, who won the award for their prototype, AGAR PLASTICITY. This product truly anticipates the needs to people and society, as it shows how agar, obtained from algae, can be used instead of plastic as an environmentally friendly packaging material.

To experience innovative design and technology from Lexus for yourself, explore the current model range and test drive one of these advanced vehicles.