Lexus recently showcased their upholstery leather in a stunning and unconventional way, by commissioning award-winning leatherworker, Úna Burke, to create a high fashion dress made from the luxurious material.

The leather used comes from the Lexus CT, an uncompromisingly stylish hybrid car, the first hybrid luxury compact of its kind. Such a unique dress deserves an equally unique pairing, which made the Lexus CT an obvious choice when it came to deciding which of their leathers Lexus would use for the garment.

Seat leather is designed to be incredibly hardwearing, able to withstand people sitting on it perhaps thousands of times in its lifespan. Lexus does not take this task lightly, committed to not only using the best materials, but also the best possible processes to condition materials for use. Before any leather makes it near a Lexus car, it goes through a rigorous testing process to increase durability while keeping it luxuriously supple and soft.

When describing how she went about making the dress for Lexus, Úna said: ‘My first point of contact for every project is always my leather and my tools. Lexus leather is quite a bit softer than other leathers that I’ve worked with… worn on the body, it was more flexible.’ This is a testament to the high quality of the leather, remaining supple enough to wear yet durable enough to sustain years of use.

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