Latest details on the 2016 Mercedes E-Class

The seventh-generation of the most popular Mercedes car ever is due to be released in 2016. The new E-Class promises innovative new features and fresh styling to revive the mid-range model.

All will be revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2016. This model will be the most technologically advanced that the luxury manufacturer has ever produced. It is designed to rival the BMW 5 Series and the range will include a saloon, an estate, a two-door coupé and a convertible model.

Fluid design and softer styling will replace the current exterior, to bring the E-Class into line with the rest of the Mercedes family. The contemporary digital displays of the interior will provide access to some of the most advanced technology available in a production car.

Drivers of the new E-Class will be one step closer to autonomous driving. This model will be able to navigate motorway bends and maintain a safe distance from the car in front with no human input. Cameras, sensors and radar allow the E-Class to build up a complex picture of its surroundings and other road users. Mercedes hope that this will lead to world-leading safety performance.

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