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Approved Used Mercedes E-Class Cars For Sale

At Jardine Motors, we have a range of approved used Mercedes-Benz E-Class for sale across our online listings and dealerships across the UK. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class remains one of the most desirable used cars on the market, and we are on hand to make your purchase as smooth as possible as you start your journey to your new vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Range

There are a number of different models of E-Class available at Jardine Motors, with different specifications, petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid engines, as well as a difference in body styles. Whether you are looking for a saloon, a sporty coupe or a practical estate, the E-Class has you covered and with a range of styles, including the AMG-Line, there is something for everyone.

Ways to Buy an Approved Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class with Jardine Motors

There are a few different ways to purchase your next Mercedes-Benz E-Class at Jardine Motors, and we aim to make the process of getting you out on the road as smooth as possible. As well as the ability to pay for the vehicle upfront, we offer the opportunity to take advantage of one of the finance options we have.

If you want to make your purchase online, that is very simple too. Once you’ve chosen the used Mercedes E-Class that suits you, you can arrange collection or delivery for a day and time that fits your schedule. What’s more, you can enter the details of any part-exchange vehicle in a matter of moments.

If you wish to try your vehicle before buying, you can pay a fully refundable reservation fee online. This will ensure your used E-Class is taken off sale until you’ve had a chance to come down, see it in person and make a final decision.

Why Buy an Approved Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class from Jardine Motors?

Jardine Motors has been selling new and used luxury cars across the UK for over 50 years, and as well as a vast range of online listings, it has Mercedes-Benz dealerships in many locations.

We only sell approved used Mercedes-Benz E-Class models, meaning that each listing you see above has gone through meticulous presale testing to ensure its absolute quality as a second-hand option. Our service doesn’t stop at the point of purchase, either, with our full aftercare services available whenever needed.

Find Your Next Mercedes-Benz E-Class with Jardine Motors

We have a huge selection of approved used Mercedes E-Class models available to browse online. For further information, or to arrange a test drive or personal viewing, please feel free to get in touch with your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership, and one of our expert teams will be only too happy to help.

Used Mercedes-Benz Models

​Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class FAQs

Why are executive cars like the Mercedes E-Class popular?


Over the last few decades, we’ve seen massive growth within the executive car sector. Cars such as the Mercedes E-Class are a status symbol for a reason.

Not only are they associated with success and prestige, but they’re also an impressive blend of finely tuned performance, luxury and technology. The three-pointed star of Mercedes is no different.

What were the predecessor models to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class?


Despite only launching in 1993, the E-Class has a much longer, storied history. Its direct predecessor was the Mercedes W124 another advanced Mercedes saloon car of similar proportions. This spec underwent a facelift to become the E-Class.

Prior to that, the Mercedes W123 produced from 1976 to 1985 arguably laid the foundation for the modern E-Class – recognised for its robust build quality and German engineering prowess.

Its first real descendant howeverwas the W120 (Ponton) the first modern mid-sized saloon of its type with a four-cylinder engine which marked a departure from pre-war styling.

How many generations of the E-Class have there been so far?


Since launching in 1993, there have been six iterations of the E-Class. With its initial offering, saloon, coupe, convertible and estate body configurations were offered.

The second generation followed shortly thereafter in 1995 which brought the class firmly into the upper end of the mid-sized luxury market. This also included an updated image to comprisefour large oval headlights with the intention of attracting more younger buyers and women.

In 2002, Mercedes released the third generation – another evolution of its previous model. This included AMG models as well as an increased engine size from 5 litres to 5.5.

The fourth generation came in 2009 having been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

In 2016, the fifth generation E-Class was born taking styling cues from the larger S-Class. This was also coupled by a switch to inline 6-cylinder engines as opposed to the V6’s of previous generations.

Finally, the sixth-generation E-Class debuted in 2023. This saw a division between the saloons and the coupes and convertibles which will now bear CLE nomenclature.