Mercedes-Benz on top of maintenance costs

Mercedes-Benz has come out favourably in an independent assessment of the maintenance costs incurred by owners of cars from the three German premium automotive brands – recording the cheapest average quote across all jobs and the best prices for older models. compared Mercedes-Benz repair bills with those charged by Audi and BMW to see which cost the most to maintain.

Mercedes-Benz offered the lowest average quote across the three core model categories – 26% lower than the average Audi repair estimate.

In an interview with AM-Online, Alex Rose, Marketing Director of, said Mercedes-Benz should be “applauded” for “consistently registering the lowest estimated repair bill against their two greatest rivals”.

Whilst maintenance costs varied by only a few pounds between the three marques on younger models, the best value-for-money for older vehicles was offered by Mercedes-Benz as it provided owners with the lowest average pricing across a wide range of less frequent repairs varying from bodywork, dents and smart repairs to fixing clutch and gearbox problems.

“A noticeable, and consistent, gap only opens up beyond a car’s sixth birthday,” explained Mr Rose. “At this stage, garages’ quotes for Audi repair work trend around £50 above Mercedes.

“As models get older and require more ‘non-routine work’ work, so Audi bills will trend highest, with Mercedes costs trending lower.”

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