Mercedes-Benz Ad Blue

How to Reset AdBlue Warning on a Mercedes E-Class

With the well-being of our environment in mind, many modern diesel cars now use AdBlue in their exhaust system. Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including the E-Class model, are no different. This means that when you take yourMercedes E-Class to the garage for a check-up, it’s important that your AdBlue is topped up as part of the service.

This way, you can ensure your exhaust gas cleaning system is working properly, and emissions are kept at a low. So, what else should you know? Read on to learn more about AdBlue for Mercedes cars, including its functions and how to reset its warning system.

​What is AdBlue for Mercedes cars?​

In short, AdBlue is a mix of urea and deionised water that’s contained in a separate tank from the vehicle’s fuel.

When the engine is on and as you cruise around town, small amounts of AdBlue are sprayed onto the exhaust gas produced by your car. This helps reduce the emission ofpolluting nitrogen oxide (NOx), as AdBlue is able to turn NOx into a combination of nitrogen and water.

Most diesel cars registered after September 2015, including Mercedes models, use AdBlue in an attempt to become more sustainable and tackle traffic pollution.

Specifically, if you own a Euro-6 compliant diesel model, you’re likely to be benefitting from AdBlue technology and playing a part in preserving your surroundings.

Mercedes-Benz Ad Blue

How to check AdBlue levels on a Mercedes E-Class

The handy thing about AdBlue technology is that it allows you to check liquid levels yourself, meaning you’ll know when you’re running low on AdBlue.

Diesel cars will notify you when your AdBlue levels are low.In a Mercedes E-Class,a warning light will come on the dashboard to alertyou that you arerunning out on AdBlue.

If the light is yellow, it’ssimply indicating that your liquid levels are lowand have between 1500 and 1650 miles left. If it’s red, it’s telling you to move towards the nearest service station.

Bear in mind that you should never ignore the AdBlue warning light on your screen. If you run out of liquid while on the road, your vehicle’s performance will be impacted as it tries to limit its emissions. For example, it might reduce the speed at which you can drive or deactivate the air con and stereo functions to save power.

Once you’ve stopped the car, most modern models will not restart if the AdBlue tank is empty. So, make sure to refill the tank to avoid unwanted issues at the wheel.

Mercedes-Benz Ad Blue

How to reset AdBlue warning on a Mercedes E-Class

At this point, how do you reset the AdBlue waningon your E-Class? Firstly, turn the ignition on and press the ‘OK’ button on your steering wheel to confirm the warning message on the dashboard.

Then, press the ‘Menu’ button on your steering wheel and scroll down to ‘Settings. Select ‘Vehicle’, ‘Service’, and finally ‘AdBlue Reset’.

This should do the trick and clear your warning message.

Mercedes-Benz Ad Blue

Where to buy AdBlue for Mercedes models

When it comes to purchasing AdBlue for your Mercedes E-Class, you have plenty of different options (i.e., dealerships, auto parts stores, online retailers, etc.).

Can you use any AdBlue for Mercedes models? The answer is yes.

The E-Class, just like all other Mercedes versions, doesn’t require a specific type of AdBlue to run properly. However, it’s important to get it from a reliable seller to avoid damaging your car’s engine.

Dealerships, for example, are certainly a safe option. We recommend visiting one of our Jardine dealerships across the country, where our trained technicians will be more than happy to carry out an AdBlue tank refill for you. You can check our nearest Mercedes dealer here.

If you decide to buy AdBlue from an auto-parts store or online retailer, make sure – where possible – to check the expiration date and that the liquid hasn’t been frozen. What’s more, store itin a cool place and don’t mix it with other liquids.

Here you go – you’re all up to speed!

With a used Mercedes E-Class, thanks to its AdBlue tech, you can enjoy comfy trips at the wheel of a more eco-conscious car. Browse our latest new and used collection online today and take advantage of a number of car finance options.