Keeping an eye out for you.

Introducing the Mercedes-Benz Dashcam.

The Mercedes-Benz dashcam system consists of a front and rear-facing camera, recording events ahead of and behind the vehicle during the journey. The Mercedes-Benz dashcam can safely document accidents, attempts to commit insurance fraud or critical incidents in traffic. The Mercedes-Benz dashcam has been fully integrated into the vehicle, there are no temporary attachments or exposed wiring. Cutting-edge HDR technology guarantees high-resolution, full HD recording quality, day and night.

The integrated Mercedes-Benz parking monitoring function protects your vehicle when parked and provides support when investigating hit and run incidents as well as vandalism. Intelligent power management guarantees a monitoring period of up to 6 days.

Features include:

• High-resolution recording quality in full HD (also at night)
• HDR technology enables high-contrast images
• Image stabilisation
• Video loop recording
• Videos stating location, speed, date and time
• Photo function
• Parking monitoring function with radar sensors
•Voice output
•Wifi connection for smartphones
•Acceleration sensor to identify impacts (G sensor)
•Easy to use and attach in the matching holder
•Intelligent power management
• Approved in crash tests

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