Volvo launches ‘Life Paint’

Volvo is best known for the safety and reliability of its cars, and now it is extending its remit to protecting cyclists. After committing to its goal that by 2020 no-one would be killed in one of its vehicles, Volvo has announced a new product called Life Paint.

Life Paint is a new reflective spray that can be used to cover an object or item of clothing to make it reflective. The fluorescent coating glows in the light of streetlights and head lamps, increasing the visibility of cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

This coating can be applied to almost anything, from bikes to coats, and is also fully washable. It was developed by a Swedish start-up company and Volvo has an agreement to distribute the innovative product in its network of UK dealerships.

Life Paint is the latest product in an ever-expanding Volvo safety product range, which already includes systems such as Intellisafe. This feature uses advanced pedestrian and cyclist detection and autonomous braking to protect other road users from collisions.

To find out more about Life Paint and the other ways Volvo is committed to road safety, please contact the sales team at Lancaster Volvo in Reading.

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