Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid Inscription

The Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid Inscription sport utility model will be reaching dealerships in the UK next spring, and it will be well worth the wait.

Volvo engineers located the battery pack into the space between the front seats (usually taken up by the transmission tunnel) instead of under the rear cargo floor, with no compromise on load space. Offering the best vehicle handling and making it the only car of its kind to boast seven seats, the XC90 T8 Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid is unique, and the Inscription is top of the range.

Designed from the start as a PHEV rather than being an adapted version of an existing model, the T8 boasts great performance and a smooth ride in comfortable luxury. Leather upholstery and trim create a refined feel in the cabin, with climate control operating across four zones.

It takes just 3.5 hours to charge from a domestic supply, plus this impressive vehicle can travel for 27 miles in ‘pure’ battery mode. The 2-litre turbocharged engine can provide power for longer journeys, with electric power offering four-wheel traction as and when required. Find perfect conditions in the cabin, no matter what the season, by using tilt and slide on the panoramic glass sunroof, as well as programmable auxiliary heating.

Perfect for both rural and urban driving, clever settings allow for charge to be saved, all-wheel drive to be locked, provide extra grip for slippery terrain and blend power sources for maximum performance, so you’ll be relaxed and reassured wherever the road takes you.

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