New Audi A3 Models

Available in a wide range of body styles and performance types, the Audi A3 range is perhaps the most versatile of all Audi ranges.

From the selection of A3 models for sale, you can choose from 3 door, Sportback, Saloon and Cabriolet versions. You can even opt for the A3 e-tron Sportback which uses an innovative Audi hybrid drive system that delivers minimal emissions without compromising on everyday usability.

So whether you need a family, business or a sports car, there really is an Audi A3 for everybody that guarantees style and class.

And the choice doesn’t end there. Each A3 model comes with a large selection of trim levels, from the entry level models to the more powerful SE, Sport and S Line spec versions.

In addition to the five A3 models for sale, you can pick from a range of high-performance Audi S3 models available in 3 door, Sportback, Saloon and Cabriolet styles. Each S3 car fuses A3 style with added sportiness and heightened performance.

To ensure your new A3 is right for you, arrange a visit to your nearest Jardine Motors Audi dealership and speak with one of our team of Audi experts who will help you build your perfect specification.

Find out more information about any of the A3 or S3 models above and enquire online today.